Monday, January 19, 2009

What's in a name?

AMBER...I've always liked my name, but I'm not sure how mumphrey (my mom) came up with it...Sorta different in 1962, when common names were more like Susan, Linda and Debbie. There are lots of Debbies...I think that is the most common name among my friends. Anyway, back then when someone called out "Amber", they were always talking to me. Not so much any more...there are "Ambers" everywhere. When I'm out in public and I hear someone shreiking "AMBER", I'm relieved to see that they're reprimanding their own little girl, not me!

And let's talk about finding items with your name on know the little stands where they have the mugs, keychains, pens, etc. Never an Amber among them back in my day. But now...Ambers are's just amazing how through the years, the trend in names changes.

I have a sister, AINSLEY, who was born when I was 21. Ainsley is a nickname, short for Ainsworth. It's a cool name...not many of them yet, either. Try looking for that one on a mug or keychain...but who knows what another 20 years will bring...


  1. Hey Amber,

    I don't think it's stupid at all! To get a cute background, visit the website cutest blog on the block. When you find one that you like click on it, copy it.(be sure and set your template on your blog to minima). then you go to add a new gadget on your layout page, then right click on the big white box and it will paste your new background. then just click save and it should change your background. this may be confusing, so let me know if you need help. I haven't had anything to blog about lately, so in the beginning you will probably have lots to blog about. I'll sent a link from my blog to yours so you'll get some traffic.

  2. Hi Amber,
    I'm so happy you have a blog. It is fun, and gets easier the longer you do it! I'll post a link tomorrow and you'll have some new visitors!

    Tomorrow I do Trash to Treasure...and I know you have lots of estate sale things you can show!

    Happy Blogging,

  3. Welcome to the blog world your name...I have that problem trying to find my little girls name on things...hers is Lexis and short for Lexi...everyone wants to call her Alexis but I say nope not her I am just waiting for them to drop the A so I can get a little something with her name.

    Anyway glad Diane finally got you to start blogging. Look forward to more of your blogging.

    Ooops I am Beth from Georgia!

  4. Got the link to your blog from Diane and thought I'd stop in and say Welcome to blogging! I look forward to more of your posts!

  5. I just wanted to come by and say Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Have fun with it!

  6. Welcome Amber - it's fun to see a new post. Good luck and hope you make a lot of new friends.

  7. Amber I am so glad that you have a blog. I know it will be one that everyone will love to visit!! I can't wait until your next post.
    Welocme Kelli's mother-in-law Vikki
    Have A Great Day..

  8. Hello Amber and welcome to the land of blogs! I came by, via Diane's.

    Our 18 year old granddaughter's name is Xantiana. We call her Xanti (xhan-tee-ah-nah) The first syllable is the same sound as John pronounced with a soft sound. My daughter was on maternity leave a couple of weeks before Xanti was born. She was watching Regis one morning, when there was a 2 year old child on the show. Her name was Xantiana. As soon as Kim saw her and heard the name, she said that would be her baby girl's name too. Through the years, we've all seen how Xanti has grown into her amazing name. Of course, we'll probably never find it on Mugs and such, but I do pick up anything with an X!!
    I'll add you to my list and click on your follow link.

  9. Hi, Amber ... Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. You're off to a great start.

    My daughter's name is "Whitney," which was very unusual in 1971, when she was born ... but like your name, there are "Whitneys" everywhere these days.

    I live in Vicksburg, and I'm always happy to see other Mississippi blogs. I'll look forward to visiting you again soon.



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  11. Coming by to say welcome to the world of blogging...

    I have a name sorta out of my time if you will. My name is Joanna and I am in my late 20's. I never knew anybody with my name that is around my age. I love my name, I was named after my great grandmother...But I always did (when I was in school) to have a different name, one in my own time...A Jasmine, Lindsay, or Christy would have been nice. *smiles* Oh and I still struggle to find my name on anything...It's mainly Joanne...And well without that "a" at the end, it's not me!

  12. Hi Amber! Welcome. I actually have a friend named Amber from grade school. I think it's a very pretty name. I am in my mid 40's and my name is Robyn with a "Y". I had a very common maiden name so my Mom thought she was being different. However, growing up I soon discovered there was 3 in my neighborhood! I was Robyn Ann. There was Robin Marie, and Robin Jean. Then when I went on to high school there was a Robin Cook that always wound up sitting near me, always the next row over. It never failed. But I was always the Robyn with the "Y". The Robin that could never get the pencils and the mugs.....

  13. Welcome to Blogland - I'm a faithful follower of Diane's so I thought I'd come over and take a look. As a retired teacher - the name Ainsley is coming into its own - more and more of them. Names do go with generations. I'm a "Pam" and in my combined 3rd-4th classroom with 14 kids in it there were 3 "Pam"s. That was the 50s - you don't see "Pam" anymore in kids' names. Welcome to the society of Bloggers! PAM

  14. Hello Amber and welcome to blogland. I came over from your cousin Diane's blog to welcome you.

    I know exactly what you mean about names. I was born in 1961 and my name is Darlene....not a mug, pen, sticker or anything to be found then with that name. Now you can "usually" find it though not always. My daughter's name is Lexi (not short for Alexis or Lexis) but her real name and though there seems to be quite a few of them now (nicknames) her name is really hard to find. Go figure!

    Anyway, look forward to your posts.

  15. Hello Amber.. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I came over from your cousin Diane's to welcome you.. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.. Have a super Sunday. hugs ~lynne~


  16. Hey Amber; I popped on over from Diane. Welcome to the blogging world. Just a little is ADDICTING!!!!

    Come on over for a visit!


  17. Welcome! I am a Newbie too. In fact, I just learned how to put pictures on my blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

  18. Welcome to Blogland. I come from Diane's place. I have a really good friend who lives in Jackson Mississippi.

    Your mom may have read a terrific book entitled, Forever Amber!

  19. Welcome to blogging!! I found your blog through Diane. Blogging has been very addictive to me...but I've found the most wonderful friends (although I've never seen them face to face). I look forward to visiting with you often.

  20. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging Amber..I came over from Diane's who I just love and wanted to say a Big Howdy to you...if you need any help please feel free to ask me or any of the others gals they are just the best with helping..good luck with your blog girl come and see me...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Hi Amber!
    Diane sent me over. Welcome to Bloggy Land. I am sure you will love it. I sure do. I am not unfamiliar with the name Amber as I have a grand daughter with the same name. But I am surprised that the 'Forever Amber" was not taken as a title.
    Have a great Sunday,
    Roberta Anne

  22. Amber Welcome to Blogland I have a cousin and a neibor with the name Amber my nieces Riann(ryan)and Allyson with a y are hard to find and so is my son Derek we can never find it. I hope you have a great time in our little blog land and come on over for a visit anytime

  23. Amber, welcome to the wonderful world of blogs! Diane is a bloggy friend of mine, and I read on her blog that you are starting one. So glad to "meet" you and look forward to reading your blog.

    I'd love it if you came to see me, too!


    Sheila :-)

  24. Hello Amber and welcome to Blog World. I love your name and your sisters too. My daddy gave me my name and I have never found mine on any thing, and tomorrow I will be 51.. [can't believe i told you my age] lol I am putting you in my favorites, I will be by again..... you are going to have a ball, blogging and meeting new friends. I have so happy to have met a new one.....



  25. Welcome to the land of blog! I was born in 1957. There were indeed lots of Susans and Debbies and Lindas. But I do not recall one single Amber. Lovely name, by the way.

  26. Welcome to blogging! Ainsley reminds me of my honeymoon. We went to Bermuda, and that was the name of a china pattern there they sold. I like the name - think it's cool!

  27. Hi Amber! Welcome to Blog Land! I'm still a bit of a greenhorn myself.. headed into my 4th month Blogging. Love the name Amber.. almost named my daughter Amber but one of my girlfriends beat me to it. Have fun blogging.. Can't wait to see some of your ideas.
    Blessed Hugs...
    Debbie from Georgia

  28. Hi Amber!!!

    Welcome to the blogosphere...

  29. Welcome Amber...but beware...blogging is addictive! LOL...I'm coming over from Diane's. I love her blog and I'm looking forward to visiting your blog now...especially since you love garage sales, estate sales & etc. like I welcome again! ;-) Bo

  30. Hi Amber! I'm Elizabeth from Grand Occasions and I have my very own Amber who is almost 29. I also have a niece Amber who will be 30 in May. My sister and I both have Amber's because it was our mother's name, not because it was trendy. After we named the girls we starting hearing and seeing Amber's all over the place. Our mother was born in 1916 and probably was named for the book title "Forever Amber". Who knows. She was the baby of 13!!!! Anyway, we share your mother's love for the name and the girls quite enjoy being Amber #1 and Amber #2. I had always wanted a little girl named Amber, but when my sister had one before me (I wasn't even expecting when her Amber was born) she asked me if she could use the name and I said of course because there was no guarantee I would ever have a girl and then no one would be named for our mother, but the Lord decided to give us two and two are twice as nice. I'm fairly new at blogging myself and would love for you to stop by and visit. If you'll read some of my older posts you see pictures of the two Amber's. Welcome to the blogging community. Let me just warn you, it's addictive.

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