Monday, January 26, 2009

67 Angels

First, I want to thank all of you for your warm welcome to the blogging world. I never anticipated so many encouraging comments, and they are greatly appreciated. I especially want to thank Diane for advice, help and encouragement as I continue to figure all of this out.

Something special about me is that I am a Pi Beta Phi...Pi Phi for life! I loved my sorority during my college years, but I have come to love it even more in my alumna (I guess that's the right way to use it!) life. I have made so many more wonderful Pi Phi friends after college than I could ever have imagined...This brings me to what I really want to share with you.

I was approached to be an Alumnae Advisor for a brand new Pi Phi chapter at Mississippi State University! BRAND NEW...Mississippi Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi! After alot of consideration and arm twisting from other Pi Phi friends, I agreed...and it's been so much fun! Yesterday we installed 67 young women as the Charter Members of the new chapter. They have no clue as to how much Pi Phi is going to enrich their lives and I am so honored to be able to share my experience with them.

Congratulations to the 67 new Pi Phi Angels at MSU!

Are any of you Pi Phis? Or members of another sorority? Greek life on college campuses is so much's not all parties like it's often portrayed, but a great way to make wonderful friendships for life.

Thanks for stopping by...



  1. Sorry my college days did not start till I was 39 and well I don't think any of the sorieties would want a old hag hanging out with them..hehehe

    My daughter was but I am not sure what the name was.

    You will soon realize there are many wonderful ladies in blog the new background...learning real quick I see.

  2. Hi Amber,
    You know I'm not a Pi Phi, but just wanted to let you know your blog looks great! Guess you figured out that part!

  3. I know very little about sororities but I know about friendship and that is a wonderful thing.
    Have a great Monday
    Roberta Anne

  4. Hey Amber,

    I sometimes feel like I missed out when I came home from USM after "rushing" for a sorority. I will always wonder what would have happened if I'd stayed and stuck it out...probably tons of friendships!! I love your new background!! I'm jealous of the 30 comments you got on your first post...I've never gotten that many, ever....

  5. Amber, my sisters and I were all Tri Delts as is one of my nieces, my aunt, my cousin's wife, two of his daughters, and a cousin of my mother's.

    My MIL is a DG, and my SIL is a KD.

    We also have three Kappas, and two Chi-O members in the family.

    My dad and most of my cousins were/are Sigma Chi, two cousins are KA, one cousin is a Kappa Sig, my uncle was a KA, and my husband and his dad are/were KA. (In the cases where I say, "were" it means the member is deceased, just for clarification. :-)

    I think that's everyone! LOL!

    I have found that the alumni chapter is even more meaningful than the collegiate. I have made some wonderful Tri Delt friends and friends from other sororities who are so nice. It's great when you live away from home because it helps make you feel connected to a group of friends. It serves the same purpose as the collegiate chapter... helping to form a circle of love for others.

    Pi Phi is a very good sorority, and I'm so glad they have found someone as nice as you to be their advisor. Best wishes as you help establish this new chapter. I know you'll do great things!


    Sheila :-)

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